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Setting up Goals

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Thank you for your assistance to my query,


I have a business page on Yelp. What I would like to accomplish is to track people that are on my Yelp business page who click on the website link to my Business website.


Q1: is that possible?




Q2: what are the proper step to complete?


The way I have it setup is as follows:

Goal setup:



Goal description:

Name = Yelp Bus Pg

Type = Destination


Goal details:

Destination = [Yelp business page URL]



Step1: Name: RPSJC-Home

Screen/Page: [Home page URL of website]


I appreciate any expert direction from the community.


Until then continued success,




Re: Setting up Goals

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Hi John,


In my opinion, the best way to track visitors that come from single source (in this case Yelp) is to use Advanced Segments.


Under "Audience>Overview", you can find "+Add Segment". Using it, you can create a segment from users that come to your site from one or more sources.


Go to +New Segment, than under Advanced, select Conditions. The filter setup should be: Source - contains - yelp (see picture).




After you have created the segment, you can select it in Overview and access the data for users that came from Yelp only.


So, if you want to track users or sessions from specific source, this might be the better way to do it. You can use Goals when you want to track user actions on your site. 

Setting up Goals

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I would suggest checking if you have Yelp.com / referral in source medium report. If not, you can tag your website URL to use it on Yelp.

Check Campaign URL Builder

Then you can follow as @Darjan R suggested.

Ritwik B