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Search Console Preferred domain and Analytics

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Hello All,

  I have set up my Search Console with 2 properties; same domain, one with "www." and one without.  I have also set my preferred domain as "without".  The search console analytics shows traffic/clicks/etc for the property "without" the www., and none for the property with www.  I am now trying to link both properties to Analytics but am having trouble getting the property without the www. to display data.  I have tried deleting the properties and starting over, but I have gotten to a point where I feel I am just randomly clicking things to resolve this issue.  Please provide me with some direction.


Thanks,  B

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Re: Search Console Preferred domain and Analytics

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Hi Brandon :-)
Linking Google Search Console to GA is done one to one.
Eg one verified domain in Search Console can be linked to one Property in GA
Usually both www and non-www should be claimed and verified in search console. You would then configured the preferred domain in the Search Console settings. Over time there should not be any data in Search Console for the non preferred domain.
Also there would often be a 301 redirect in place via htaccess to redirect the non preferred domain to the preferred domain.
eg so if preferred domain has no www, if i were to type in then i would automatically and seamlessly get redirected to
For tracking and seo purposes www and non-www are not the same, even though they usually serve the same content.
When both are accessible it can dilute your visibility in organic search etc as the search engines then end up splitting the ranking and indexing between the two rather than attributing it to a single domain.

if your preferred domain in search console is without www, then the website url in the GA Property Settings and View Setting pages should be entered without the www. and this is the one that would be linked to in Search Console


If you need more help with setting up Search Console or canonical urls/domain for your site etc, then best place to ask is on the Webmaster Central Help Forum!forum/webmasters


eta, if there is no redirect in place to redirect www to non-www, if you create a new View in GA and apply the following filter, it will prepend the domain name in the reports and allow you to see which domain a pageview etc occurred on rather than just the request URI

  • Filter Type: Custom filter > Advanced
  • Field A: Hostname Extract A: (.*)
  • Field B: Request URI Extract: (.*)
  • Output To: Request URI Constructor: $A1$B1

Click Save to create the filter.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Search Console Preferred domain and Analytics

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Very Helpful thanks.


I too went nuts with this - couldn't get my preferred non-www domain to show data on GA, while it was clearly indexed on Console.  GA showed data from www version which has a permeant 301 redirect to the non-www. I trashed the old www account from GA (not from console!) and data shows now for the preferred domain. 

Interesting, though that the data that was on the www GA account was identical to what is now  showing on the preferred domain domain, which I guess shows that GA was reporting the redirected info properly all along.