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Removed picture gadget and now tracking no longer works

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Have had Google Analytics installed on my LP.CA blog since March 2012 and the CP.CA blog since May 2011.  This past April 28, a web editor did some minor editing on my LP.CA account.  When I added him as an administrator, a contributors gadget was added to the main page which caused the "About Me" picture gadget to be displaced.  The same thing happened on the CP.CA page, but it was the default "About Me" widget and not the picture gadget used on LP.CA.  I removed the picture gadget from LP.CA, but now my Google Analytics tracking is gone.  However, my CP.CA tracking still works.


(Note: after the web editor did the editing, I removed his name as administrator and the contributors gadget disappeared.  Have learned from Adam on the Google Blogger Help Forum that there is a workaround for the contributor gadget being added inadvertently (it "morphs" as the About Me gadget), but have not implemented the workaround yet.)


Can I just copy and paste the code that I got from March 2012 back into the template, using the instructions on p. 72 of Beginning Google Blogger (2010)?  Or is there something else I should do?

Re: Removed picture gadget and now tracking no longer works

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Have some supplementary questions regarding the above.:

1. I have reviewed the "Set up Analytics tracking" answer 1008079, so I know how to get a new code snippet. Can I just copy this code and put it in a Text Edit file?

2. After completing the above step, since I have the code snippet that I got from March 2012 (in a Text Edit file), can I just remove it from the LP..CA template, and then add the new code snippet?

3. As Adam explained in the response to my post on the Blogger Help Forum, entitled "Conttibutors list added to right sidebar after I granted admin permissions," (link below), the "About Me" gadget appears to have morphed into a contributor gadget when I changed the number of admins on both my LP.CA and CP.CA blogs. He suggested as one workaround that I change my "About Me" gadget to a text or an HTML gadget. But if I do this on my CP.CA site, could that cause me to lose the Analytics tracking for my CP.CA as well? Then would I have to go through the same procedure as with LP.CA?!msg/blogger/Hure96oO8yU/SIr1uKM7MgAJ;context-place=forum/bl...
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Re: Removed picture gadget and now tracking no longer works

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I found the answer to my question on the Analytics forum: Tracking Goals and eCommerce, "My Google Analytics Suddenly Stopped Tracking My Blog," which was started by Guntur H. The answer was by Arnold M, and is Marked as Best Answer. Arnold M recommended gong to the blog dashboard, to Settings - Other - Google Analytics, and then pasting my UA tracking code into the field. Then save the settings. I did this, and my LP..CA started tracking again.