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Redundant Views

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i have a doubt: i created a new view with different goals, because i needed that view for some particular reports. 

i always get the warning message "Redundant Views", saying that I have views configured similarly. But in fact I have different goals set for each view, while the rest stays the same. 

do you know why i get this message even if the goals of the views are different? 


eugenio (seo) 


Re: Redundant Views

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Hi Eugenio,

Check the views listed under the ‘Details’ section and ensure you don’t have a misconfigured view. If it really is redundant, consider removing the view. If not, this alert can be ignored.


Re: Redundant Views

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You can ignore that message.
Typically you create different views because you want to filter different data in each view. If you do this data in them will be very different.

However what you're doing is fine and you can keep it that way.