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Question about content grouping

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I have some pages that use the URL to separate search terms like tags. So my URL is /searchtool/tag/redthings


But I want all traffic to /searchtool and and tags to be counted as the same page in analytics.


Is content grouping the right way to do this?


I added a rule that says
page - exactly matches- /searchtool OR

page - starts with - /searchtool/tags


Will this combine the pages into one like I think it will? I just want all the views from any tagged pages to be included when I look at views for /searchtool

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Question about content grouping

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Hi Sam,


The use of a contentgroup can be helpful, but there may be a better way. If you are not going to use the pages with the tags you can filter them out in your admin section. You can select a search and replace filter and use regex to change all the tags to /searchtool.