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Properties and Google's Best Practices

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Hi there,


I have some clients who have more than one GA property for the same site; some include the main site with sub-domains, some include the mobile site. It all seems very messy.

I have been looking for a while now, but I can't seem to find Google's exact stance or best practice when it comes to the volume of properties for a single site, regardless of sub-domains, mobile sites, etc.


Would I be correct in assuming that, like the 'property' analogy given by Google when explaining GA properties, each site should only have one GA property and that views should be used to segment data via sub-domain, mobile version, etc.? Obviously, I would imagine this stance would help with overall tag management in the future.


Also, would there be any examples of when more than one property may be valid?


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Re: Properties and Google's Best Practices

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Hi Eoin,

It depends on what the clients reporting needs are and how much data they get. Normally one property should be deployed across the entire user journey. Failure to do so results in self-referrals, session inflation and crumbling attribution.

However, there are use cases for the use of secondary trackers - again depending on reporting needs, etc.

Bottomline: There is no one size fits all but 99.5% of users are best served by one property across all contiguous domians/subdomains.


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Re: Properties and Google's Best Practices

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Hi Eoin -- I've found that a good way to gauge which domains/sub domains should go into a hierarchy is to :

1) Determine if the domains are for the same or different business divisions of a company (If they are different, give them a separate ACCOUNT, if they are the same, house them under the SAME ACCOUNT).

2) For properties, I would take a look at the Admin section within GA to see what sorts of settings are controlled at the Property level. Both AdWords and Google Search Console are configured at the Property level (if they use the same AdWords and Google Search Console data, house them under the SAME PROPERTY, if they are different, house them under DIFFERENT PROPERTIES).

3) For views, I think of these as 'small windows into the Property'. This could be a mobile (m.) domain, a subdomain that supports the Property, etc.). And of course, and Unfiltered view and a Master view.