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Proper structure of analytics account of a big multilangual site - help

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Hello, i have a question to those of you, who have some experience with managing big multilangual sites. We're trying to restructure our analytics account once again, and we want to do it in a proper way, so i need to know your tips / opinions what is the best way to do that.


Site info:


~ about 60-70 language sites made as a part of url ( , and so on)
~ a few internal and external projects that we want to track, by external i mean aviable to everyone (like our main site), internal - there are a lot of employees, and we also want to know what they view on the intranet or other internal projects. I have to add that most of the internal project have a subdomain like, and dont have language versions.
~ every site / project / webapp is associated only with one company / project but touches different areas




- How we should structure our account? As it is associated with one company it should have one account / one profile for each initiative (doesent matter if its internal or external) and then views (mind you that from the external projects we still need to filter out / know how much of the internal traffic is) or maybe we have to have 2 accounts one for internal one for external traffic?

- Do we need a separate profile for each country (for the main site) or we can have only one profile because the country sites are a part of the url not in subdomains? Is it enough?

- I know that views are a matter of need, but maybe there are some that are a must in every situation?


And the end i have to add that we're using analytics 360.


Thank you for your advice and help


Proper structure of analytics account of a big multilangual site - help

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You can only have 50 views per property.

I would normally say to treat it as one entity as it is all the same domain so I would usually use one property and then separate each country version by using different views including a rollup account which will have all the traffic integrated. That being said, you are limited to 50 views which makes this difficult. 


Maybe consider breaking the country versions into like EMEA, ASIA etc.. 


Considerations you will have to take into account; if you do use several properties you will break up the customer journey which can be a nuisance for reporting etc.


I would suggest to wait and see what others recommend