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Problem with verification process for my property

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Hello, I am trying to verify my business so that I can use Google Analytics to build my online traffic. I originally had a "local business" but now my business is online and I travel, so I don't have a specific address. 


I have been offered a few different methods to verify my business online, including: adding a tracking code to the header section of my website (failed), verifying the site through my domain provider, (failed as well), HTML tag to add to the header (also failed). 


Do you have any advice for how to troubleshoot this problem? I changed hosts for my website last year sometime, would this affect the verification process somehow? Please help--I am so frustrated.


Thank you.


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Problem with verification process for my property

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Hello Willow 

I am also having the same problem been trying to fix this issue for 3 days. I'm also at the point of frustration. I was starting to think i was doing something wrong even with following instructions but i see others have this issue as well I have googled, youtubed followed every single step and yet nothing issue still exists. Not sure how long ago u posted this message. Was wondering if your issue has been solved yet maybe you can help me out.


Thanks a bunch


Problem with verification process for my property

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Hi @Willow 


Just to clarify.. verifying ownership of an website, is not required to use google analytics.
However it is required, to register and setup your domain in say Google Search Console for SEO purposes.

Verification of a business and its listing on google my business is yet a different process again and for different purpose... again not required for using google analytics to track your website.
For information and help in this process:

For help on verifying website ownership for registration in google search console..for SEO and site indexing,

best place to seek help is the webmaster central help forum!forum/webmasters

To have google analytics track your website, it just needs to have your tracking code added to the website pages after you create an analytics account. How the code gets added will depend on how your website is built/what platform it uses.


If you need further help regarding verification please check out the link above.
Please post back if you need further help with google analytics.



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Problem with verification process for my property

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I just posted this yesterday. Hope you see the post below. Good luck!

Problem with verification process for my property

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Thank you, Bronwyn. I will check in the forum you mentioned. Thanks for explaining a bit more about what each system is used for.