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Only tracking bots

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We set up a landing page for an eblast campaign where we had a strong response. 


I'm now trying to put together a final analysis. I set up an analytics account for this and sent the code to the developer, but he'd already implemented one provided by another team member. This other team member didn't understand how to use Google Analytics and never shared his account/tracking with me. 


I have monitored the site using the code that I 'made', but all I've tracked is robots. This other team member now has no recollection of what email account he set up the Google Analytics under, never checked it, etc. 


Is there someway that I can use the code that the developer implemented to see that account? Is it possible that that account/tracking will have more information than mine (since mine wasn't implemented in the coding?) 

Re: Only tracking bots

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1. use tag assistant chrome browser extension by google so you can always see if a site has GA code already in future (and if it is set up right)
2. do you have an adwords account for the site - sometimes adwords support can help i.e. when a GA account is deleted
3. yes if the other GA code was put in the code on the site properly then should have much better than just 'bot data'
4. if you wish to claim a GA account that you can no longer access then you can ask for access by proving you own the site often adwords support will ask you to upload a file to the site to prove access then will give you new access to the GA account that is attached to that site.
5. this other person has no idea what Gmail they used? really? how many gmails do they use? can't just do a few searches in them?

good luck