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No data in analytics

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I have recently signed up to Google Apps with our domain, and logging in via the original gmail account for analytics, or any of the admin accounts now setup on Google apps, and it's as if I never had an analytics account.

Ringing them is next to useless.

Surely Google hasn't just deleted my data.  How do I get it back.  I want it back BEFORE I pay them a cent of money for Apps.

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Re: No data in analytics

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Hi :-)
Unfortunately I don't know anything about Google Apps
I'm not sure if any of the information on the linked page is helpful to you

Failing that, the only other thing i can think of, is create an Adwords account - does not need to have any campaigns setup or to be running any ads
and then use the adwords account to access the Adwords support options regarding GA. They do offer limited support for GA
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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