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vHi, I am new to Analytics.


I want to use Analytics to track user and page usage on a web site hosted by HOA-sites.  Most of the help I have found is oriented to business and marketing usage to improve profits, etc. This HOA-site website is a residential community website, not a business or marketing site.  Initially, I want to track  which pages are used the most, which are rarely, etc. I also want to track usage by user login accounts to see what users use what pages. I have no need to track where users are logging in from geographically, or what site they linked from to get to the website.  I have spent considerable time researching/using Analytics help, but the help is exclusively oriented to marketing statistics, etc.  I have also viewed numerous YouTube videos on introduction to using Analytics, and understand the concept of copying tracking code to the website, and setting up an Analytics identifier number.  But I need additional help in learning how/what to do to produce statistics on page usage(counts) by user logins, etc.


I have set up an Analytics account and have a identifier number and have copied the Analytics code to the website as directed in the setup directions.  But now what?


Maybe Analytics is not the tracking software I should be using , if so, can you recommend an alternative?


Thanks for your assistance.


Walt Rennick