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Multiple Google Analytics on website, event data being sent to all GA properties.

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Hello, trying to figure out if event data can be sent to multiple Google Analytics properties. I have setup GTM events and a Google Analytics Account for a client (GTM code is placed as a snippet in a container I manage. A corresponding container tag is given to the client to place on his site which is loading GTM. All GTM Universal Analytics tags I've setup are referencing the same Google Analytics property)


The client has also given me access to another separate Google Analytics property he is running (main reason for this setup is the client wanted the other GA to be allocated for another vendor's use). 


I am using Event Action to differentiate certain events within GTM.


When I look at my own GA, I can see the event action parameters I've setup and I cannot see them when looking at the other GA property which is good. However I can see other custom Event Action parameters (e.g. Carousel - Swipe Next / Call Click) present in both GA properties.


Is it possible that there are hits on the page sending data to all GA properties? Or is it that the events are sending data to a common data layer both properties are accessing?


Thanks in advance for the help.