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Moved GA property is now missing

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I moved an analytics property from one account to another (using the new 'Move a property' option), and the moved property is now missing.


During the process it said it can take a few minutes but it's been over an hour now. The receiving account 'Change History' has a log that states the property has been moved in:


Nov 24, 2016, 5:56:49 AM
Google Representative
Property "Blah Blah" moved into the current account


I've logged out/in refreshed the page etc. but the moved property is still missing. I also moved another property and can confirm that one moved fine within about 2mins.


Is it normal for it to take so long?


Re: Moved GA property is now missing

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Problem is now solved:

  1. I added a new user to the account and when logged in with that new user I noticed I could see the property.
  2. I upgraded the privileges for the new user and deleted the original user from the account.
  3. After re-adding the original user I could see the property again.

The property was there all along but for some reason I just couldn't see it (must have been a bug with the view permissions).