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Modify default segment availability for agency style users

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This has been an issue for some time for me, as I've been working in an agency setting for the last 3 years, and I have not found a solution.


When creating a segment for use in a report view, the default settings are to be applied to ALL VIEWS to which the user has access. See the image below:


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.33.52 AM.png

This is really problematic, as I have access to 50 or more accounts at any given time, many of which contain multiple properties and each property with multiple views. While this makes sense for segments that are more generalized, like if I wanted to see sessions from iOS devices only. The standard set of segments is usually pretty reliable for these general segmentation needs.


However, the vast majority of the time, we use segments to create very tailored subsets of users to analyze specific behavior or suspected anomalies that are client specific: sessions that contained a specific pageview(s), or users that are part of a specific campaign. These are NOT in any way transferrable nor should they be visible in all the other client accounts. To make matters worse, whenever I create a new property or view, for a brand new client, the segments come pre-loaded with a bunch of the residual segments from other clients.


How can I change this default setting for Segment Availability and clean up our clients accounts?

Re: Modify default segment availability for agency style users

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Hi Brian,

Have you tried going to the account where you first created the segment and delete it?

Re: Modify default segment availability for agency style users

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Thanks for your feedback, Bryan. That would be a feasible solution for correcting the existing segments, if we wanted to delete them.


However, in this case, I'm not knowledgeable of all the segments across all our accounts, so deleting them may disrupt others. Furthermore, I don't feel your suggestion of manually managing segments is a sustainable solution, as we have 50+ clients, many of whom have several custom segments.


I'm more curious what the go-forward solution is when creating new segments. The default sharing is still Segment Visible in Any View. As an agency, we have dozens of analysts and staff that use Google Analytics in a variety of ways, many of us create segments. The inability to modify this default setting will continue to create issues for us as the pile of irrelevant segments that are client-specific grows in all of the accounts we manage.