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Lost / missing account

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I manage a small micro site for a client and I can see there's a UA number in the source code but it's not appearing when I log in and view their analytics. Other sites we manage are showing up. IS there a way to find out who has access to this account?


Please help!




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Lost / missing account

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Hey Alex, 


The UA account number is supposed to be anonymous, what you could do theoretically is take the UA account number minus the property number at the end after the dash. With this number I know there are certain tools/websites that could theoretically tell you what other domains this account is tracking (if any).


Besides that I do not believe there's any way to identify whose Analytics code it is.  


Joshua, Rising Star
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Lost / missing account

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Thanks Joshua.


Fortunately there's a Vimeo vid which is the main content. Vimeo's stats are pretty comprehensive so I have something for the client. 


I'm now thinking that I may have set up the UA and added the code without plugging it in to my analytics account. Is that possible? Surely the code is generated only once you've signed in...