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Locked out of Google Analytics Account because of Recovery Phone Number

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I represent an ad agency that needs to recover an older Google Analytics Account.  The account email is <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>
We know the username and password to this account, but we have recently moved office buildings and upgraded a lot of our machines.  So when we next tried to sign into it, we got the "Verify it's You" security challenge.  Unfortunately, this account is quite old and whoever set it up did not use a recovery phone number that we recognize from our records.  
We've pursued every automated avenue Google has for us and we cannot get around this security challenge.  There is a recovery form we tried to navigate that asks us the last date that we signed into the account (mid 2015), and when we created the account in the first place (sometime in 2009) but it always comes back with "the information does not match our records" so we're probably not being accurate enough. 
This thread is our last attempt before we give this account up for lost.  Is there an appeals process that we can use to get back into the account?  Any help at all would be much appreciated.  
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Re: Locked out of Google Analytics Account because of Recovery Phone Number

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If you can't get the password reset through the account recovery process, your next option is to call AdWords support. (I assume you have an AdWords account, being an ad agency.) Tell them you've lost access to the Analytics account and want to add a new manager/editor user to the account.


That can be long, ugly process. You'll need to be able to list every website that has a profile in the account, and prove that you still have access to those websites by uploading confirmation files to each website (even ones that don't currently have your tags on them). If you don't do it perfectly the first time, there's going to be a lot back-and-forth emails between you and Google to sort it out.


If you can't prove access to every website in the account, you won't be able to get full account-level access, but you should be able to get property-level access to the GA properties of the websites you can verify.