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Local instance of Google Analytics

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I have a strange requirement.


I am currently working with ISPs to make data to one of the websites I run free. Unfortunately, making the data used to send GA the tracking information free is not an option as I'd have to do it for all data  to GA on the ISPs network which would be very expensive.


As such I'd like to run a local instance of Google Analytics (as I can make the data to my own server free).


What options do I have for running GA locally?





P.S: If it's not possible, can you please advise if proxying the traffic to GA via a server I manage would be an option.

Re: Local instance of Google Analytics

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Re: Local instance of Google Analytics

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Hi Bryan,
I don't think this addresses the issue that I'm having.

The page view would still be sent directly to Google's Servers and thus consume a client's data under their mobile data plan cap. I need a way to host Google Analytics myself, as I can then control the IP address/Domain that the client's data is sent to and arrange for the ISPs to make the data free so that clients are not charged for it.

Would you mind confirming how this could be done?