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Is Google Analytics free?

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This answer was provided by "seal woman" and copied from the old Google Analytics product forum.


Hi there. I am new at this. When I was about to sign on Google's terms came up and it looks like I'll be charged for using analytics? Yet, they said it was free. We are just a small vacation rental suite. Is it free?

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Is Google Analytics free?

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This response was posted by @Brownyn_V


There is no cost to use Google Analytics.

There are data limits applied to accounts, however this is not unusual or out of line with other companies/providers that offer free versions of their services/products either, there are often limits of some kind placed on free accounts.

These limits apply to the Web Property / Property / Tracking ID.

  • 10 million hits per month per property

If you go over this limit, the Google Analytics team might contact you and ask you upgrade to Premium or implement client sampling to reduce the amount of data being sent to Google Analytics.

For Premium accounts, the limit is 1 billion per month.

This is pretty generous. 

If your site sends more than 10 million hits per month to Google Analytics, the following limits may affect your data.

Data freshness limit: Standard accounts that send more than 200,000 visits per day to Google Analytics will result in the reports being refreshed only once a day. Daily processing begins at 12:00 UTC and continues for approximately 10 hours. This can delay updates to reports and metrics for up to two days. To restore intra-day processing, reduce the number of visits you send to < 200,000 per day. For Premium accounts, this limit is extended to 2 billion visits per day.

Every user interaction with your site or app can be sent as an individual hit to Google Analytics, including (but not limited to) each Pageview, Screenview, Event, or Ecommerce transaction. As a result, a single visit can result in many hits. To learn more about the methods that send hits, refer to the ga.js Tracker Object Methods and the analytics.js Method Reference for the web. References for Android and iOS apps are available in the SDK packages.

To reduce the number of hits you send to Google Analytics, sample a subset of data from your site by calling _setSampleRate() in your tracking code. Read aboutSampling for more information.