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Is GA TOTALLY free??

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We are planning to implement google analytics (free not 360 suite) on a number of multi device video channels. This will mean wiring into websites, mobile apps as well as apps for connected TV devices. 


The intention is to achieve this using server side api calls via our own middleware.The documentation says we must setup on the google developers console for auth & billing purposes before we can access the API however. I am just curious if this means we will incur some incremental cost later down the line. 


Can someone advise? 


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Is GA TOTALLY free??

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Seriously though, in theory Google can block any traffic above 10 million monthly hits.

Reporting API is an entire matter and while using the interface is free, the reporting API has a 10,000 daily queries and anything above that can incur costs. 

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Re: Is GA TOTALLY free??

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Wow - thanks for the speedy reply.

Do you happen to know where I could read up about these additional costs
for exceeding 10,000 daily queries? I don't expect that to be the case but
better to be prepared...

Dan Turner

Is GA TOTALLY free??

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Hi Julien, 


Thanks for your help! Do you have any information about these additional costs for exceeding 10,000 daily API calls? This would be really valuable. 





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Is GA TOTALLY free??

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It is available in the API Console