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Inability to Log Into Analytics

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I created a Google Analytics account Saturday - I have my tracking ID and everything, but when I try to log on, I'm only given a 'sign up' option, not a 'sign in' option.  I've googled this, I've tried different links, I've searched forums.  I can't figure out what is going on and why I can't access anything.  I read to sign up with some phony info and then delete it, but I don't understand.  Please help!


EDIT: I read this, but don't really understand this either


EDIT: I have also tried this:


From what I'm understanding - there's no way for regular people who are trying to access their accounts to do so without Google's Admins?

Re: Inability to Log Into Analytics

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Hi Ashley,
Both the article that you have shared is for those who lost GA login credentials or previous employee set up account but you don't have user id & passwords . By following these two artiles you reclaim your GA account if you have lost userid , password or don't have access by any other reason.

Hope this helps.


Re: Inability to Log Into Analytics

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Thanks for your response!

For someone who just set up everything (I know all my GA info, and even have the tracking info) how am I unable to sign in? The system just keeps making me run around in circles trying to sign in. I've never actually seen a sign in page, only a sign up page