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How to transfer ownership of GA accounts

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Hey all,


I'm planning a migration for my company away from Google Apps for Work. Mostly it's going without a hitch, however I've reached the point where I need to remove the current GApps admin's access from the GA accounts (I've added in a new free gmail account as also able to Edit Users, etc on the GA accounts).


However I'm loathe to take the next step, for fear that simply clicking delete on user permissions in GA for the old GApps user (we plan to fully cancel the GApps account and delete all it's users) will cut off all proper ownership of the GA accounts.


Could someone walk me through the process of fully transferring ownership of the GA accounts so they will still be accessible once the old owner/GApps account is deleted?

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November 2016

How to transfer ownership of GA accounts

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Hi Ben,

It is quite simple to migrate your ownership
here are the required steps


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Noman Karim
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How to transfer ownership of GA accounts

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OK, if you're guaranteeing that deleting previous owners of GA accounts won't have flow on problems once that original owner's actual Google account is deleted, I'll go ahead with it.