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How to retrieve GA page score trendlines

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We leverage the PageSpeed Score to evaluate the efficiency of our webpages, and by tracking this score on a regular basis we can catch mistakes by page developers (large images, poor CSS, etc) that impact the PageSpeed score.


I can find an individual page's speed score in Google Analytics (Behavior -> Site Speed -> Speed Suggestions) but it does not appear that there is any built-in functionality to create a trendline with this score.


Is there something I'm missing or would the best approach be to output this information to Google Sheets for tracking instead?

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How to retrieve GA page score trendlines

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Hi Kevin,


If you have some programming knowledge, you can write a google spreadsheet app script by using PageSpeed Insights API to get this data periodically. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have build-in trend-line in Google Analytics web interface currently.


You can take a look at PageSpeed Insights API through the following link:


I hope this helps.



How to retrieve GA page score trendlines

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Aye, that's what I'm currently doing.

The challenge I'm having with this approach is that I have 5 different page URLs to support which seems to be causing API call issues within the Google Sheets engine if I try to use a looping function to make the API call (I'm assuming the function is timing out), will keep trying out different ideas to get this to work (using onEdit functions, loops, etc) Smiley Happy