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How do I solve this error -- Error 20006

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This question, originally asked by "albertqian" was copied from the old Google Analytics product forum.


Hi everyone,

I have been getting this error on one of my websites. Whenever I want to find out In Page Analytics this particular error comes up:

  • Error: The Website in your settings, <Insert URL Here>, redirects into a different domain. In-Page Analytics currently works on only one domain. Note that <> and <> are NOT considered to be on the same domain. Also, make sure you're not redirecting from http:// to https:// or vice versa

    Access denied. Please try relaunching In-Page Analytics from the report.[Error: 20006]

I have done a quick search around and do not see that anyone else has this error. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? My feeling is that maybe my site does not have the right code in it to show the percentage of links that have been clicked, but I could be wrong. 

Thank you for any help you can provide!



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How do I solve this error -- Error 20006

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This answer was provided by "Bronwyn V" and copied from the old Google Analytics product forum.


Ok.. when you goto the url, when you look in the browser address bar.. it doesnt actually send you to, it sends you to just instead.

This is fine.. it just means that the canonical/preferred domain has been setup via the server as
Soo.. in google analytics.. when you login to GA.. click the Admin button at the upper right in the orange bar.. 
That will take you to the GA Account Admin page where there should be a table with any analytics account(s) you have for the same google account.
Click on the name of the account you are after in that table.. 
It will take you to the Properties page where it shows any web properties belonging to the account
Click on the name of the web property in the web property table that is visible
This takes you to a page with tabs for Profile/Tracking Code/Property Settings/Social Setttings
Then there is a drop down where you can select any profiles associated with this same web property ID
and then more tabs below that for Assets/Goals/Users/Filters/Profile Settings

Click on the Property Settings tab in the upper row.. and make sure the Default Url is entered as http:// in the drop down and enter just instead of
and Apply the changes

To get back to the Properties page, directly under the orange bar where it has the Home and Standard Reports buttons
Is two really small text links All accounts >> Name of your web property.
Click the text link that is the name of your web property.
When back on the table again select your web property name and this time select the Profile Settings tab in the lower row of tabs
Where it asks for the Website Url - again make sure this is setup as as http:// in the drop down and enter instead of

This possibly wont help with data that has already been collected (not sure)
but it should help going forward with data that is collected