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How can I re-establish an Analytics Tracking ID

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After creating a second "admin user" in our Analytic account, I deleted the original Admin email account which deleted the existing Tracking ID, thinking that the second Admin account could be used instead of the original. We recreated the account, but have lost historical data because of the new Tracking ID.  Is there a way to restore data from the original Tracking ID? Analytic login through the second Admin account produces "We are sorry, but you do not have access to Analytics." Thanks for you help.

Re: How can I re-establish an Analytics Tracking ID

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ok so if i have this correct:
1. you had an analytics account we'll call GA#1
2. you gave a new email address admin rights to GA#1
3. you "deleted the original admin email account" - are you saying that you revoked the access for that email?
Doing that cannot delete the original 'GA#1' tracking ID - deleting the GA#1 Analytics account is the only way to do that... did you do that?
4. then you "recreated the account" - do you mean made a brand new GA account we'll call GA#2 - this new account is new and will have it's own UA-#####-## code. [the script will be the same just with a different UA# - yes?
So you have lost historical data...

OK so if you deleted your GA #1 then NO you cannot get the old data form that 'added' to the new GA#2
Your best bet is to contact AdWords support (adwords has active support GA not so much usually) and ask them to provide you access to the old GA#1 - if you have access to the website then they will ask you to add some code to it to prove that then they will give you access.
Your data up to the date you deleted it should be there.
you'll then need to switch the UA#on your dite to be the GA#1 version

so basically you can get your old data back and lose the data between then and now or you can give up on the old data and just move forward from here... and dont delete any more GA accounts unless you totally have to there is no rush to do so they cost you nothing and can be handy.

i hope that all helps you.

Re: How can I re-establish an Analytics Tracking ID

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Yes, I "deleted the original admin email account" (Admin > User Management > clicked Delete to the right of the email), leaving the new Admin email. No, I did not revoke access for that email. No, I did not delete the original Analytic account. It may have something to do with timing and email account creation (school district). We started using Analytics prior to starting our integration with Google and prior to moving from an .edu extension to .org. Thanks for your response. We will contact AdWords support.

Re: How can I re-establish an Analytics Tracking ID

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If all you did was kick off an email from having access then the data should be racking up daily no issues
(as long as nobody took the code off the site)
So once you get your login access sorted your data should be fine and unbroken.
update me if you get a resolution.