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Have a referring domain - How do I track in GA?

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I have a domain that I recently bought that has no hosting - it's sole purpose is to just forward to my main site.

How would I track this in Analytics to see if people are actually visiting this domain to see if it's worth me paying the domain fee for yearly?


For example purposes:

I bought and I have it forwarding to


Do I have to make a separate Analytics account for it or should it show up as a referring domain in my main sites Analytics account? If it should show up as a referring domain, I don't see that happening right now. Am I doing something wrong?


Any input is greatly appreciated!!!



Have a referring domain - How do I track in GA?

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Hi Rachael,

you don't need to make a separate GA account for that.

You don't see traffic from referring domain because you probably use server side forwarding and it passes original source.

In this scenariu you have to add utm parameters to the forwarded domain.
If someone enter domain you can forward traffic to

It will solve your problem.


Have a referring domain - How do I track in GA?

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Thank you! I will go on right now and see if I can do that on the backend. Sounds much easier, don't know why I didn't think of that. Always have to think of something more complicated. lol.