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Granting other users/admins access to scheduled emails created by another

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One of our administrators set up many reports as part of the scheduled emails.  However, when another Admin logged in to inventory the reports, none of them were available to view.  Can only the creator of scheduled emails get access to them to adjust frequency, recipients, etc.?

Re: Granting other users/admins access to scheduled emails created by another

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Hi @Bryan B


Assets are tools that you create in Analytics to help customize your data analysis. Custom Segments, Goals, Custom Channel Groupings, Custom Attribution Models, and Custom Reports are all considered assets. Assets are created and managed at the reporting view level.


You can share assets one at a time from each specific asset menu, or you can share more than one asset at the same time. 


To share multiple assets at the same time:
1. Click Admin, and navigate to the view from which you want to share assets.
2. In the VIEW column, click Share Assets.
3. Select the assets you wang to share or you  can share all assets by clicking the checkbox in the top of the table.
4. Click Share.
5. Select the sharing type, either Share template link or Share in Solutions Gallery.
6. Click Share.


To share a Dashboard with the current view:

1. View the Dashboard you want to share.
2. Click Share > Share Object