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Google analytics issue

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Hello all,

I am facing problem in google analytics as i have created two different analytics account one for facebook and other for website using same gmail id. I was trying to set the property for website as I am unable to see keywords but it looks like everything is hidden and i am not able to set property for website as it shows facebook account's link and for facebook it shows website's link. What should I do? Please help.
Let me know if you need any details.

Re: Google analytics issue

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Dear Rashmi,

You question is bit confusing. But let me answer what I have understood.
I am assuming you have 2 different website to track.

Lets start with standard way of setting account->property->View.
Follow this link and understand the basic. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009618?hl=en

So in your case you create 2 account.
Account 1 : website1.
Account 2 : website 2.

Account 1 -> Property 1 : Create property for your website1.

Account 2 -> Property 1 : Create property for your website 2.

Once property is created the JS tracking code can be placed at your website.

Then last create 2 view for both the account and property.
View 1 will be All Web Site Data. ( Also mark as All Data - UNTOUCHED ).
View 2 will be some filtered data.

You are DONE. Check real time data.
Try this and share your result.

Happy Google Analytics.