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Google analytic

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Hello sir , i am a computer science engineering student and i want to know about google analytics  can u give me what is the use of this google analytics.

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April 2016

Re: Google analytic

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Hi there,

Google Analytics main purpose is to track and monitor your websites performance. For example, where are people viewing your website from? Which pages are most frequently being visited, etc.

There are plenty of articles online that can help such as: http://www.boostsuite.com/seo-and-marketing-tips/5-benefits-of-using-google-analytics-for-your-seo-c...

hope this helps

- Stephen

Re: Google analytic

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sir i have a few more doughts can u clarify me please because i want to
know more details about GOOGLE ANALYTICS as a Computer Science Engineering
student i am very much intrested in knowing about this particular topic.

Re: Google analytic

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Hi Nagoor,
You can ask as much as you want you will get answer here. For every new question start a new thread.
I'm also providing you few basic & advanced tutorial.

To learn Google analytics please check below posts.



3>Book @ http://www.webanalytics20.com/

Hope this helps.


Re: Google analytic

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Thank u soo much GOOGLE for your responce ..