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Google Analytics property moving query

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Hello All,

I have a question.In the recent update GA allows us property moving that is i now can move a property from one account to other.

But can i move one property to another place who is using other google id?

Suppose i have a gmail,under that i have one property A,

Now Suppose there is another person who have another

My question is can i move property A from to with this new feature?

Or this new feature can only allow me to move property under a single google account?


Google Analytics property moving query

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From the Google Analytics documentation: "To move a property, you must have the Manage Users and Edit permissions for both the source and destination accounts."


So while it's possible to move a property from one GA Account to another, it's only possible if you yourself have Manage Users AND Edit permissions on both accounts.


Re: Google Analytics property moving query

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No no,you misunderstood.Moving a property from one account to another GA
account is possible I know.My question is if transition is possible between
two completely different mail accounts.Suppose I have a GA property created
with,now i want to move it to another mail account am talking about mail account level not GA account clubbed
under same mail account.
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Google Analytics property moving query

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Sorry for the late reply. But no, that's not possible as such, since it's already possible using the usual account management.

If you want to transfer ownership for example of a GA Account from to then simply:


1. Make sure has User Management rights on the GA Account

2. Add as a user on Account Level, and delegate the same User Management rights

3. Remove from GA Account.