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Google Analytics IPV6 filtering - 3 types of IPv6 addresses, which to use?

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I am setting up a filter to exclude my IP from contributing to analytics data.  I have three IPV6 addresses and am not sure how to deal with that.  Using cmd.exe I see "IPv6 Address", "Temporary IPv6 Address" and "Link-local IPv6 Address". Looking up my IP address using any of  websites that look it up online results in the same as my "Temporary IPv6 Address". But doesn't the term"temporary" mean it may not be the same tomorrow, or next week?  I don't imagine the LInk-Local IPv6 is the one I want, but I'm not sure the regular "IPv6 Address" would be seen by Google Analytics.

I know I can disable the Temporary IPv6 but it's probably there for a reason so I'd rather not do that unless its the best or solution.  

1.  If I use the "IPv6 Address" would Google Analytics see it? Or would Analytics only detect the "Temporary IPv6 Address"?

2. Would disabling the "Temporary IPv6 Address" work if the "IPv6 Address" is not visible to Analytics?

3. Any better ideas?



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Google Analytics IPV6 filtering - 3 types of IPv6 addresses, which to use?

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Hi :-)

If you go to google search and type in what is my IP

what does the search return as your public IP address?


a really easy alternative is a chrome browser addon called

Da Vinci Tools

It will allow you to block your visits via a click of a button in the GA interface, 

rather than messing around with setting up filters





Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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