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I know that the company I work for has three different IDs for google adwords/analytics accounts. 

I set one up when I first started working with the company, unaware that there was already two in place. From what I've been told the one I use is not the main one (a third party who was trying to sell their services informed me of this) I am trying to find the ID number of all accounts to gain access, where would i go?

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I would begin by checking to see what UA number is currently running on the website. On the public side of your website, check the source code on any page and search for (CTRL+F) "UA-" this should tell you the universal account code currently being used on the website. I have heard of some websites that have multiple instances of Google Analytics running, but haven't had to deal with it myself.

Once you have the code, you will need to work on getting access to that account.