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Google Analytics 101

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Hello all, I am hoping that somebody might be able to explain all of this to me to be honest... I am on the brink of giving up on it :/


A few years ago, I had a google analytics account that I used now and again to track some traffic on a few websites.  However, since that time I have increased my google useage with an organisational google account with multiple emails accounts for different users and drive areas etc etc. 


However, now, if I try to sign into or up to Google Analytics it tells me that I have to logout and then log back in under a temporary user name... I try this but it just says that the page is invalid.


So I find myself unable to simply create a new google analytics account for the organisation and I cant access the one that I used to have... I guess it must be a crossed wire with the email address used for login?


Any help to explain any of this would be very much appreciated indeed.


Will look forward to hearing from anyone.

Best regards,


Re: Google Analytics 101

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting in the Community.

If this issue has not been resolved let me know and I shall assist you.