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Google Admin privileges

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I put my website up about 4 years ago. Over the years, 3 different developers maintained the site. One of them (I don't know which one) configured Google Analytics for my site which is now being managed by a different person. Currently I can login to Google Analytics using my account information but I do not have edit privileges. I'm sure that the person who set it up has those privileges but no one knows the user name and password. I need to edit the property settings but they are grayed out and when I try to edit I get a message saying that I don't have sufficient privileges. How can I obtain edit privileges? Do I need to start over with a new account for my site? 

Google Admin privileges

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Hi James,

In your case you can try to reclaim your GA account by following all the steps  mentioned in below article.




Or (easy way).


Start with new account so you can have top level access. As far as historical data is concerned you can check in existing account(current account).


Hope this helps.