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I lost all my analytics datas....how can you please restore them ?




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Hi Raphael!


No, there's no way you can get retroactive data.


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Hi - this is not a forum where you can speak directly to Google.


What are the circumstances that you have lost your data? Can you no longer access the account? Or can you access the account but the property or views or missing. Or is data no longer appearing?


Deleted account/property/view

If a property has been deleted, but you still have access to the account then check in the Trash Can, if less than 35 days have elapsed then you should still be able to recover it. This is also the case for views and accounts. If you are the admin, or have contact with the admin, then you should be able to fix this.


Do not have access to account

If you do not have admin access then you need to regain access. Either via the admin or by contacting Google. https://support.google.com/analytics/troubleshooter/3045965?hl=en Note that if you need help from a certified partner this will probably cost you. Try adwords support first and also check out the numerous posts on this forum about gaining access to GA accounts. The 35 day limit applies here also.


Data no longer appearing

Please provide a link to your site to start the troubleshooting process. However, if data has not been collected then there is no way to replace it. 




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