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Export historical data from one account to another

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Looking around the web, I've seen mixed views on this.


The company I work for is thinking about starting a new google analytics account. Our previous data was not filtered out for internal traffic, and we have some admin concerns. However, we still find the historical data of value.  I know you can export report data and also import data into google analytics.


Would it be a good idea to start a new account all together, or would potentially useful data be lost forever?  

Re: Export historical data from one account to another

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Hi Kelly,
Google Analytics does not provide any flexibility with importing, exporting, or modifying any past data. Any data you have in one account cannot be moved to another. So I would suggest you to keep old account so you can have historical data and create new account with new tracking code for further tracking.

Hope this helps.


Export historical data from one account to another

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I think Google Analytics should fix this!


It's impossible to get around mistakes.


We have a company that made our Google Analytics and now they are taking away our email so we cannot have access to our own data. The IT support Tech couldn't even help me export and import.