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Deleted analytics account

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I'm Valentina from VCUBE srl.
A new client we're following is experiencing a big issue with his Analytics account: his old web services supplier created the Analyics account of the company website, and then gave the access to the communication department. But he was still the "owner".
Now, our client has found is website disconnected to the Analytics account, probably because the old supplier deleted his account: when attempt to log in analytics no property is set!
The problem is that the website is a custom closed platform of which we don't have the source code, so for us is impossible to insert a new tracking code, and also: losing all the data means for them losing money and investors .
The old tracking code is still in the website, so I'm wondering:
How can we have google support in this question?
Is there a way to reconnect a tracking code to a new account or is it necessary to create a new account?
Is there a way to have the previous data back?
Thanking you in advance, 
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Re: Deleted analytics account

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Hi :-)


You could try to recover the account, there is a comprehensive post by Niall in the following thread on how to go about doing this
(its the one marked as best answer)



Creating a new Account with a new Property wont help unless you can put the new tracking code onto the website.T
Tracking is tied to the reports via the Tracking ID in the GA code snippet

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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