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Data Collected by Google Analytics

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I am wanting to implement Google Analytics on a series of pages, all of which are built within a containing page. On these pages, AJAX is used to send queries to various databases. The results of the queries are returned in .json format and displayed on the page. Not every AJAX call is made when users are interacting with the page. I want to know which calls are being executed for which I found the code:


ga('send', {
     hitType: 'event',
     eventCategory: 'Category for Some Event',
     eventAction: 'action taken to execute some event', 
     eventLabel: 'Label for Some Event',
'customValuesToPassAlong': custVal
} } );

...which, if I understand correctly, will send the values that I choose to enter for each parameter in addition to any custom variables that I need to send along for analytics purposes.


My concern is regarding the calls themselves. I need to know for certain before I can do any implementation, whether or not Google has access to any information passed back in the Response Object of my AJAX calls, aside from things like response time, size of the response, etc.. Since the information being passed back is non-public personal information (contact information, financial data, etc.), it can't be given to persons outside of the company. And since I would be only using the free version of Google Analytics, Google owns all the data that they gather. 


So.... Does Google have access to the data in the Response of an AJAX Call?


Any and all information on the subject would be greatly appreciated!





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Data Collected by Google Analytics

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Google Analytics can collect only information you are sending with your hits. You need to avoid sending any Personally Identifiable Information. Please read about best practices in the document below:

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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