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Daily aggregation - different timezones

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Hi - We have GA 360 but our colleagues in the US own/pay for the licence and it has been extended to us.


We've noticed that when we are looking at data for the prior day (i.e. yesterday), the standard reports - like Audience Overview - do not give an accurate figure. If we apply any kind of segment or secondary dimension - even if it doesn't change the underlying data - the figure is recalculated and is much higher.


For example, Audience Overview>Sessions for yesterday was 147,952. If I apply a segment which doesn't actually do anything to change the data and keep the All Users on, I get 163,244 for both segments. 


We noticed that at the end of the day (UK time) the issue resolves itself. This has led us to believe that GA is doing the pre-processing/aggregation on Pacific Standard Time (which also happens to be the timezone of our US office), and by the time it is finished it is the end of the day in the UK.


All of our views are set to GMT+1. I can't see any options to change time zones in Account or Property. 


- Is this potentially what is happening?

- If so, is there a way of setting our Account/Properties to aggregate as per our time zone and not PST?


Thanks in advance.