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Custom Metrics Data Import

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I am now stumped and wanted to get some thoughts. We have an online form as our conversion metric (fires a UniqueID, which we capture in a Custom Dimension). Then the rest of the conversion process happens offline as the customer moves through 3 different phases, CALL, SCHEDULED, CLOSED. We are trying to look at these various stages by the original Source & Medium that triggered their form submission (eg: what sources/mediums drive customers farther down the funnel).


My hope was to create a Custom Data Import that would Key to the UniqueID we fire on form submission. Then, have 3 Custom Metrics (CALL, SCHEDULED, CLOSED) that would be uploaded nightly. BUT, apparently I cannot use Custom Metrics in the Custom Data Upload? My impression would be that I can't use Custom Dimensions because I need an aggregate # by source/medium, so a Dimension wouldn't work (correct?). Just kind of pulling my hair out here and would love some thoughts. Thanks for any insight!