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Css Styling issue on Google Analytics Dashboard

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I have a "styling-css issue" with my Google Analytics dashboard. And it's really weird because it only happens in Chrome (Version 53.0.2785.143 (64-bit)).


Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.08.26.png










This is how my dashboard looks when I'm logged in. I already deleted my session, local storage, and cookies related to google analytics but does not solve the issue. I upgraded my Chrome to the latest version and nothing.


The side effect of this is since the container is using the entire page width, I can't change segments or dates (because those html elements are "under" the header).


The strange thing is that if I want to access the dashboard from another browser (like Firefox), it does work just fine. I know that this is a "small" issue, but it's really annoying to open the dev console and put a "display: none" under the header container. 


Does anyone have the same issue? How did you solved?

Thanks in advance,





Css Styling issue on Google Analytics Dashboard

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I'm seeing it too - chrome, desktop pc.

Css Styling issue on Google Analytics Dashboard

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From what I see, it seems that some classes are not being "added" to the page. 

For instance, when comparing the html returned for Chrome with the one returned for Firefox, I noticed that some elements didn't have the "layout-row" class (in Chrome). For example, the .suite-tab-container element has a "layout-row" in Firefox but not in Chrome (same happens with the "md-toolbar" element).

The weird thing is that it happens randomly. My guess is that it must be a loading/timing issue. Hope it helps.