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Conflict between URL Shortener and Analytics Page Clicks

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On my site I have a lot of conflicts between what my URL Shortener shows for page clicks and what my Google Analytics page shows for that same page.  I have attached 2 pictures one shows 3143 for page clicks from the Shortener and the Analytics screenshot that shows only 601 pageviews. How can these 2 numbers be so far off from eachother on the same exact post?anyalytics.pngshortener.png

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Conflict between URL Shortener and Analytics Page Clicks

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Hi @Tom B :-)

Is the shortened link in use on an external website? If so, then usually the best way to track traffic coming from the URL shortener is to append custom campaign utm tags to the url prior to shortening the url... then shorten it.
This traffic can then be tracked as a custom campaign.

Also as a matter of interest

What is the GA property/tracking id? I notice there are two tracking id's in use on the website, with one tracking id installed more than once via different plugins, each plugin using a different version of the tracking code.

Incorrect installation of tracking will lead to incorrect and funky data.


You are going to get discrepancies as clicks and a pageview are not the same thing, however I would ensure 

that the tracking is properly installed first before trying to make any sort of comparison,

so as the data in the GA reports can be used with confidence regarding its accuracy.


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Conflict between URL Shortener and Analytics Page Clicks

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Thank you very much for the information.  This site is built through WordPress and trying to figure out a good way for them to see actual usage on the WordPress dashboard if at all possible.  I have never worked with Google Analytics so may have installed it incorrect, I am not sure.


Thank you!