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Change my tracking code

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I have recently created tracking code for mobile application that I am about to implement GA into, but suddenly I see in my reports tens of users already using my app (it is not on app store yet, still under development). I assume someone is accidentally using my tracking code in his application/website but I do not see any way to identify who or what or where :-)

So my only option is to change the tracking code for my app, is there a sensible way to do that?


thank you

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August 2016

Re: Change my tracking code

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Hi Jakub,

What you're seeing is Google Analytics spam. The traffic is not sent from your app but spammers are sending hits to random Google Analytics properties using the measurement protocol. Please check the article below about Analytics spam and what you can do against it.
Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Change my tracking code

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Thanks Arnold!