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Can't get admin access to GA because of an old URL

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I'm desperate for some help if someone has been in the same position as me. I have an analytics account with several URLs being tracked in it. The admin user left the account and didn't transfer admin access to me, so my email login is a user account rather than an admin. There is no admin now on the account.


I've been trying to set my email as the admin account. I've uploaded .txt files with the UA info that google request to all the domains in my analytics account except one. This one URL has expired and has been purchased by someone else. I don't have any means to access it. Because of this, google have said 'sorry, nothing we can do.' I'm totally stuck as I now have no way to admin my analytics account, no way to remove the offending URL from my analytics, and all google can suggest is that I contact the person who's bought the URL for help. For various reasons - this can't be done.


Is there any other way I can get admin rights back to my analytics account? I can prove via my domain registrar that we once owned the domain and no longer do, but all google will accept is the domain to be pointed at the .txt file. I can't believe that this is the only way I can prove ownership/non ownership.


Please help if you can!