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Can't delete an Analytics account....does anyone know why it can't be done?

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From the admin panel, when I use the standard process to delete an account, the Trash can icon is grayed out and the system doesn't give me the option to delete the account.  Within the same Google Analytics user account, I used the same process to delete numerous other accounts, but when it came to the last remaining account, the system wouldn't give me the option to delete it.  


I originally thought that maybe the system requires you to have atleast one account in the system, so it won't let you delete the last one if there's only one in there.  However, I've added several more accounts and then went back to try to delete the same account, but the system still doesn't let me do it.


Anyone have any ideas on why the system might not allow an account to be deleted?  When I refer to "account"  I'm referring to the accounts you add to the system, once you've opened a Google Analytics account.  I'm not trying to delete the overall Google Analytics user account.  I'm trying to delete one of the accounts that I added to my Google Analytics account so I could start tracking a site.  Hope this makes sense.



Can't delete an Analytics account....does anyone know why it can't be done?

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Regardless of deleting a view, a property or an account, you must have Edit permissions to the entity you want to delete.


Neither views, properties or accounts are deleted immediately, but are moved to the trash can for 35 days after which they will be permanently deleted.