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Can't add any accounts to Google Analytics

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I have looked through many support documents and cannot find an answer for my question. 

I have a personal google account that was used to setup a google analytics account for the college where I work.  I can login just fine, and view the analytics data.  Mine is the only user in that Google Analytics account. 


I want to add institutional user accounts as administrators for that Google Analytics account.  However, I cannot access the user control panel and settings.  I get an error that says I don't have sufficient permissions. 


We do have an educational Google Apps account, and I have an administrator account in that educational Google Apps. account.


How do I add my Google Apps. administrator account to the Google Analytics account?  Will that then allow me to add other users at my institution to the google analytics account, so they can view/extract reports?




Jose Sanchez

Re: Can't add any accounts to Google Analytics

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Hey Jose,

There's no such "admin" permission for google analytics account. In order to add / remove users in Analytics you need "Managed User" access (if you just have "edit" permission, that's not sufficient enough).

Besides the fact, the email address you're trying to add as Analytics user, should already be registered as Google Accounts (which I suppose shdn't be an issues in your case, as you mentioned they're already Google Apps users)

Lastly, in your case since you're on Google Apps account, check if App accounts are enabled for Google Analytics service?

Hope this helps!


Re: Can't add any accounts to Google Analytics

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I took a look and we have analytics turned on for everyone in our institutional apps system. Although, we only have a few users with active apps accounts. The issue is that I created the google analytics account before we had our institutional apps account created.

My understanding of how the system works, is that existing, personal google accounts, or newly created, institutional google apps accounts can be added to the pre-existing google analytics account that I setup with my personal account. That would allow them to look at the analytics that have been collected over the past couple of years, and receive reports.

Is that not the case?

Thanks for the feedback so far.