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Can Not Login

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Hi Everyone,


I have a client that needs access to their GA Account.


So, they have gone through the verification process, the number was changed but to something they do not know, this could have been previous outsourced company.


So, they then used the email address recovery, received a verification code, entered it, but it just said it could not allow access, despite them receiving the code to the email that has the account on.


We then followed another thread, that told them to ring the 0800 number who wont help them as they are not an AdWords customer.


They just want access to their GA account, they have the email, they get the ver codes, but still no joy, even with the code it just says there is a problem.


I really want them to have access to 4 years worth of data, and do not want to start again, is there anyone they can contact who will help them?


Thanks in advance,



Can Not Login

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Hi Ian,

Did you check this article? https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/AdWords-Tracking-and-Reporting/How-to-gain-access-to-your-...


Hope this helps.