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Campaign data import

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I have question about Data Import, more specifically with Campaign Data import.


There are two options to choose from:

  1. manual import
  2. programmatically (using API)


I am looking for a way to get data with API and automatic syncing with Google Sheets. Basically, if you don't want to download and import data every time, it would be far better to have it sent using the API functionality. I know Google Sheets are very customizable, maybe some have already created some tutorial or script?


I've found something similar here, but working on Cost data import: http://www.ryanpraski.com/google-analytics-cost-data-import-google-sheets-automated/. I cannot find anything in code that tells which kind of import is about. Is it reusable for Campaign data import also? 



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Campaign data import

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Hi Marin,


Ryan's post is definitely re-usable for campaign data, with some light touches.


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Campaign data import

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Hi Julien,


Thank you for reply. 


Could you please point me where in code should I make some changes? I cannot see where is specified that this should be import for Data.


Is it based just on CSV headers?