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Analytics show like traffic but reports shows zero

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Our analytics reports showed that we have been having 0 traffic since about 10 hours ago, but all these while our real time traffic shows otherwise. I've checked our codes and tracking, codes are fine and analytics shows that it is still receiving data from out site.



Also used Tag Assistant to check if we installed analytics improperly but all seemed well, it's just seemed that all our traffic is not recorded.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Analytics show like traffic but reports shows zero

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Hi Andrew, did you perhaps add a filter to the current view?

Some suggestions:

  • Check your filters, since filters are not applied to real time view then this is the most probable issue.
  • Do your account and profile IDs match, sometimes we add new things like tag manager and get the profiles mixed up
  • Is your tracking code to far down the page. If your website is too slow and your analytics code is waiting to load that can cause 0 sessions.
  • Make sure you are using Universal Analytics. If you are still firing Classic Analytics then it may have done this.
  • Since the above stats are in hourly view it could just be the fact that Google Analytics statistics take up to 3-12 hours to populate. Just be patient and the stats may very well appear is the next few hours.

Re: Analytics show like traffic but reports shows zero

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Thanks for the help Bryan! It appears it's just Google Analytics, woke up this morning to see all the data populated. Thanks for the assistance again!

Re: Analytics show like traffic but reports shows zero

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The processing timeline for non-Premium accounts can vary from a few hours (or even 1 - 2 hours) to 48+ hours. Premium GA has an SLA for 4 hours or less in processing.

From a practical standpoint, if you have a lot of data volume, you'll see processing times increase. There's a threshold (it's moved around over time, but usually a few hundred thousand hits a day) and you'll get kicked into once daily processing for non-Premium accounts.

A point to note: if you're seeing data in Real-Time reports, then that means that data is (a) being received into the view for the property you're looking at and (b) filters aren't interrupting it. Filters apply against real-time reports, so if you had filters misbehaving, you would see that manifested within the real-time reports as well.

Lastly, have you tried the new Google Analytics Debugger Recordings within the Google Tag Assistant plugin fro Chrome? It's SUPER useful! Check it out here:

-Blog announcement:
-Get the extension:
-Help center about the feature:
-Using recordings:
-Example analysis of a recording:

Hope this helps!


-Caleb Whitmore