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Analytics account missing?

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So I attempted to log into my Analytic account and the website prompts me to Start using Google Analytics rather then allowing me to log in.  It almost seems that my account has gone missing.  My Google account is still active, G+ page shows our website is still linked and the tracking code is inserted on my web pages.  What gives?  I don't want to sign up, I want to access my Analytics data.  I admit that I have not logged in for a few months but I would think that shouldn't matter.

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Re: Analytics account missing?

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Sorry, I am able to gain access now. Had a small brain aneurysm and going to fast. All is good.

Re: Analytics account missing?

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I have the same problem. I have contacted many departments of Google but no one knows how to directly contact google analytics. I have been threw several rounds of google technicians that all eventually confess "This is beyond my scope" then they send me links that lead no where. The technicians say tat when they call the analytics department they need a (10) digit customer # but the only way to get this number is to log onto your analytics page. This has become a vicious circle

Re: Analytics account missing?

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account access, especially lost ones have been a tough cookie from the beginning of GA. I have had few cases where admin account information has been lost and somebody somewhere has deleted access of the current user... Lost all those cases.

If you have a Google AdWords account linked to that Google Analytics account and you have administrative role in that AdWords account you can try claiming ownership and restore your access to Google Analytics account. Without that the best answer I could get was that Google will send email to all administrators in the Google Analytics account but if there's no one to pick it up...

So let's hope that this is a temporary case of mixed bytes and you'll get your access back sooner or later.

BTW Did you have any Google Apps migrations or anything else Google Account related activity in the same time when you lost access?

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