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When I contacted google analytics support.  I gave them my support pin.  They are asking me for a ten digit account number.  Does anyone know where I can find that?  Thanks.



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I believe Google currently requires your Google AdWords Customer or Manager # to provide Google Analytics support. (I personally am not sure why - but I don't make the rules I just try to follow them... Smiley Wink )

If you don't already have AdWords setup, you can do so by visiting - 

Also just an FYI - Don't worry when they ask you to create your first ad and put in your credit card details as you sign-up. You can always pause the AdWords campaign you create on sign-up, after you finish sign-up. BUT a word of advice - you'll want to make sure you do this to avoid any advertising costs or charges occurring until you're really ready to explore AdWords further. Smiley Happy 


Once setup, your Google AdWords Customer or Manager # will be at the top right of your Google AdWords.
Check Out: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704344?hl=en


Hope this helps & wish you the best of luck with resolving the GA support issue you're calling in about. Smiley Very Happy